What a beautiful mess
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when you refuse to look at your bank account balances and pretend like everything is ok

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Jimmy Fallon interviews Harry Styles [x]

So THAT’S the secret to Harry’s hair. 

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we’ll we’ll we’ll if it isn’t autocorrect

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20 years down the road 

winnie: dad, do you realize you twerked on your first episode as a host of the tonight show

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ith me

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It’s amazing how fast your mood can change after you step in some water with socks on.

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Jennifer and I, the moment we met each other, there was this friendship that was unparalleled of any actor i’ve ever met before. So it was really special, unique. We’re both from the same place, Kentucky, and I think that has a lot to do with it. We’re both very comfortable acting like crazy people.

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you know it’s real when you watch interviews longer than 10 minutes

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